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Wrapping Process

The applications, finishes and overall look of the advertisement on the vehicle is an important part of our offering, therefore we use only the best specialists. They are highly trained and pay attention to details to ensure special care of your vehicle during the procedure. The process can take anything from half an hour to 8 hours, depending on the design and surface of your car utilized. Our specialists will, however, make an appointment for a time and place convenient for you. To ensure the application process goes smoothly a dust-free, warm and well-lit environment is needed. Therefore, we prefer using the premises of our highly trained specialists at the depot nearest you.

Once the campaign comes to an end our specialists will remove the advertisement for you, at no cost to you. This will restore your vehicle back to its original state.

As well as earning money from Brandyourcar.com here are some other benefits of vehicle wrapping:

There are 4 types of vehicle branding: