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Add your details to our database today and you could become a brand ambassador, making money by driving along your normal routes and by promoting the brand through your day-to-day interactions and on social media!

Brandyourcar.com matches individuals wanting to earn extra money with advertisers looking for a unique and effective advertising medium. It’s easier than you think, and you can even earn extra incentives by participating in special events.. Applying is free and open to any owners and drivers of privately owned vehicles in South Africa.

Once you’re added to our database we provide advertisers with a selection of potential brand ambassadors that meet specific demographic, geographic and psychographic requirements. If you’re chosen, we will brand your car and will administer the campaign on behalf of the advertiser, all the while supporting you in being an effective ambassador.

The waiting period could be a few weeks or several months depending on us finding a matching advertiser, so you may have to be patient. Selection for a campaign is not guaranteed, but by adding your profile to our database today you could be the next person to be selected.

Once you’re chosen, we’ll let you know by email, and give you these details:

Accept the T&Cs and you’re ready to go. Our branding specialists will contact you to arrange the application.

What we’ll need from you is a monthly email or web uploaded update containing required info and participation in the campaign’s social media tasks. We’ll then ensure that you get paid (by direct bank transfer). Campaigns can last anywhere from one to several months, and 6 months after yours is completed you’ll become eligible for a new campaign, should you wish to remain on our listing.

To apply, just fill out the application form.