How it works

Add your personal details to our database today and become eligible to get paid while you drive! matches motorists, who want to earn extra money, and advertisers who want a unique and effective medium to promote their products or services. You can earn even more when you increase the exposure of the brand on your vehicle. For example, you can also earn additional incentives by participating in special events. The chance to advertise on your car for money is open to any owners and drivers of privately owned vehicles from all over South Africa.

Once you have added your name to our database it will enable us to provide advertisers with a selection of privately owned vehicles and drivers that meet with specific demographic, geographic and psychographic criteria. In the event of your vehicle being chosen we will arrange for the application of the advertising and will administer the campaign on behalf of the advertiser.

The application with is free and anyone living inside or near an urban centre is eligible. The waiting period can take as long as several weeks and up to several months depending on the advertisers demand on your profile. Selection for a campaign is not guaranteed, but by adding your profile to our database today it provides our advertisers the option to fit your car to their campaign needs.

Once your vehicle has been selected by an advertiser, you shall receive notification by email with various details of the arrangement:

  • Image/ description of the advertisement.
  • Duration of the campaign.
  • The monthly amount that will be paid to you.
  • The standard terms and conditions.

Once you have accepted our conditions and are ready to advertise on your car, our branding specialists will contact you to arrange the time and place of the application.

All that we require from you is a monthly update (by way of an email) containing a digital photograph of the car, odometer reading, accompanied by a verification code which is sent to the advertiser as proof of flighting in order for you to get paid (directly by bank transfer). In addition to this we will be performing random spot checks.  The amount of time that the vehicles are used can vary from one month to several months – or depending on the duration of the campaign. Once the campaign has finished you become eligible for a new campaign, should you wish to take part in another one.

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To apply, just go to our application form.

Add your details to our database today and become eligible to get paid while you drive your car!